Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Here is my idea, my possible invention. I don't know of anything like this, but I ever found one I'd buy it. So please let me know if you run across anything at all similar.

Any other ideas for what it might do?


Jake said...

That would be rad! If there isn't an iphone app that already does this I'm pretty sure somebody somewhere is working on it.

Also, there's this which looks like it might utilize the same technology as your helmet:

I think a space helmet would be just about the coolest thing to wear around. If and when it comes out I'll be signing up for it.

Gwendolyn said...

I'll take one, please...

Mike Boldt said...


Well, to be honest, way up here in the frozen north you can see the stars like this from my back yard.

But I still want one!

Jack Foster said...

Can you have a batch ready for Christmas, my daughter would love one! She loves space. Nice artwork by the way Cory. Had a blast scrolling through TYE. Love to take a shot at it if I can get an invite.

Will said...

If you pay for the Premium package do you get the "Float Through Space" features?

Just make sure that when it comes out that it is not open to 3rd-party developers. We do not need a Star Helmet App Store, and I would definitely consider YouTube videos a distraction while gazing at the heavens.