Monday, November 23, 2009

wigs and stairs and plugs

This one will take a little explaining.

I love to do stupid things to people. Anything to turn the universe sideways just a little for them.

This story begins, like so many others, on Halloween night. See, there? Justin wore this wig.

Behold, your Portland Studios, Halloween 2009. Me, Justin, and Danny.

Now, for the last whenever, the blasted wig been laying by the scanner. I don't notice it for a minute or two than, ah! It surprises me every time. I mean, yes, it's horrible on a head but on a table with no head? It's worse. Maybe on a table and on head could be even more worse, but still.

So, I took it and stuck it on a stick. Then I cut out little white circles for eyes. Finally, I put it on the stairs to Zach's office. I've seen Zach walk literally dozens of times. And I knew how he'd take those stairs; shuffling, with head down.

I positioned the wig creature on the stairs at eye level, the white circles burning like little pagan bonfires. Then I left.

* * *

This is as good a time as any to point you to Zach's wonderful blog to see what became of him in this startling and wholly unnatural situation. It played exactly like I hoped : It made Zach jump.


Also, I wanted to inform you that my little sister has, after much prodding, begun a blog!

If I have to stay after her to post there will be trouble but so far she's got a pretty cool piece up that is being considered for a toy creation. Swing by if you like and show her some kindness.


Will said...

Never a dull moment in your neighborhood eh? I saw this on Zach's blog the other day and it made me laugh.
You were Harry Potter, right? So what was Justin dressed up as for Halloween?

Cory said...

Hey Will! Yep, "The Boy Who Lived."

And Justin? I really don't know. A wigged man with a Tiki mask.

Seb Mesnard said...

:o Two amazing talents in the same family!! what's the secret? and oh yes Cory I want to spend the next halloween with you!

Will said...

That is really funny. The whole wig thing is completely terrifying.

frgodbeyjr said...

The secret is an artistic father...