Monday, March 29, 2010


I've had to pause my foray into oils due to some impending deadlines so for this week I'll take you through a portrait utilizing a method (new to me) of Acrylic glazes and watercolor. I truthfully had not expected it to work as well as it did since Acrylic forms a sort of plastic when it dries. Even so the process has been enjoyable and I hope you'll be pleased to see the results develop over the week.

Next post : Wednesday, darker dark glazes and color washes.


morgond said...

Cory, I'm getting a 502 server error on your images (they're not showing up). :P

Ben Hatke said...

Ah, that close up is nice!

Liqued Glass said...

It looks good so far, looking forward to the final product.

Alice said...

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