Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alice, underdrawing 5/14

Note : I am posting the progression of these Alice pieces, start to finish. This stage is the underdrawing.

I'm pleased with this one for a number of reasons but most of all I'm happy with Alice's hair. I'm looking forward to drawing it and the actual thistle. Drawing a puppy is a means to have a real reason to draw a thistle.

The Puppy and the Thistle

Previously, 5/14 rough + color study

In real time news (since you must know that I don't post these instantly as I finish them) I'm just about right behind the roughs in terms of finished drawings. I've got the first three completed and I'm very happy with them. They will be the next stage of postings after these roughs.

Next post, Friday : The Caterpillar


yanglyn said...

Two questions:

1. What sort of paper/canvas/surface is your favorite to use when you paint?

2. Will you be at the San Diego Comic-Con this year?

I love your work. Whenever I need inspiration I come and look at your gallery!

Cory said...

Hey yanglyn,

1. I've been a big fan of this type of printmaking paper, Graphic Natural from Graphic Chemical and Ink Co. for the last 7 years or so. It's the perfect paper for me. You can draw, watercolor, even oil on it.

2. Yes! Will you be there?

Thanks so much! I am glad to post stuff to help inspire.

yanglyn said...

Oh wow that sounds like the paper of dreams. Thanks!

And yes, I'll be at Comic-Con. I'll be the one nervously asking questions, stumbling through my words, feeling embarrassed, and blushing :)