Wednesday, September 15, 2010

new! canvas bags

This is one of the items I had for sale at my booth at Indie Craft Parade and it's one of the ones I was most proud of/excited to show. I haven't ever put anything like this together before. Erin suggested it and I worked with a pal of mine named Matt to put it together. He's a local printer and does all sort of printing work. We were in school together and I'm seriously so proud of Matt I could punch him in the elbow. I could render him a hurricane kick of glee at the business he's made for and supported himself with. All that to say he's great. Visit his site, Dapper Ink.

Here is the canvas tote bag, beautifully printed in dark green. $15. You can pick one up from my shop.

13 in. tall
10 in. wide
5 in. (though it opens pretty wide beyond just the 5 in.)


1 comment:

Ruth said...

thank you for putting the tote in your shop! I LOVE IT and have purchased one! Can't wait to see it =)