Wednesday, September 08, 2010

preparing for the craft

Hey, since all my days run together I forgot today was Wednesday for most of the day. Thankfully for consistency's sake I have remembered my M/W/F schedule at the last moment and will update you on my preparations for Indie Craft Parade, the Greenville, SC craft show that my wife Erin and friend Libby have directed, organized, produced, you name it -- it's been a massive, massive undertaking and it's almost finally here -- this Friday and Saturday, September 10 and 11.

Here follows an incomplete account of the stuff I'll be bringing to the show --

In addition to all my prints (and a couple new ones) I have resurrected a long gone icon from my blog's past. Let's just say it'll be a Christmas Miracle. Eight in a set.

Also, at Erin's suggestion I have created a design for some tote bags. I'll have those at the show.

I've been making some Alice inspired tea cups. I've got some porcelain tea cups and saucers and I've been drawing on them with what I'm told can bake at a certain temperature and set. The drawing is difficult though, the pen tip is fat and the cups are small.

I'll also be having my work sort of all over as well, I designed the little elephant logo, Hugo,

Above, Hugo.

You're sure to see him. In fact, you should come! It'll be great. You'll get to see me and my buddy Ben Kammer (we're going to be booth neighbors) plus almost 80 other folks! And you'll get to hear live music, great food, free admission -- it's going to be incredible.

Speaking of live music, I'm thrilled, Esther Ellis will be there preforming. Long time readers might recall that I had the privilege of creating the cover artwork for Esther's first album.

And also my new bro, Jay Albright. I lent him the use the of one of my Grimm and Other Folk Tales paintings for his first album. Behold,

So, in short -- come. It's going to be flabbergasting. I'll see you there.


Ruth said...

will you be offering any totes elsewhere? I would love to buy one!

Yanglyn said...

Yes, please sell that tote online! It's so cute! x__x