Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Alice, original pieces + show photos

Because I usually can't help but make more work for myself, I decided the week before the show opened that I wanted to do a bunch of new, original Alice inspired drawings and watercolors.

I spent a furious couple days before the show painting into the very late/early hours.

Here is what resulted.

* Note, the scans of the paintings (the second picture of the two) are the truer representation of the colors. The lights of the gallery and the glare of the big windows on the glass washed out the pictures somewhat.

* * *

Alice I

* * *

Alice II

* * *

Alice III

* * *

Cat II

* * *

Cat I
* * *

* * *

Caterpillar II

* * *

Caterpillar I

* * *

Caterpillar III

* * *

In addition to these, I've added to my shop every one of the large framed 20" x 24" Giclée prints that make up the main 12 pieces of my show. If you like, you can see those here. Free shipping on those!

Last but not least, my wife Erin put together a huge gallery of pictures from the show. Be sure and look for the elusive rainbow cake. Enjoy.

Since this is somewhat of a traveling show we will see you again,

October 1-29
Art & Light Gallery
Opening Reception: Friday, Oct. 1, 6-9 pm

November 1-12
North Greenville University
Van Riper Gallery

November 12-29
Bob Jones University
Sargent Art Building, lower level
Opening Reception: Friday, Nov. 12, 6-9 pm


Gabby Zapata said...

such beautiful beautiiifulll artwork :)!

yanglyn said...

Ah. The Cheshire Cat is so fat and cute! I want to squish it!

And I absolutely love the way the pieces look in those frames.