Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alice, process

Here is one of the small information pieces I put up on the wall at my recent "Alice" show.

I wanted to help people understand the process behind creating the pieces.

I can't bear to think some people might be under the impression that work that has gone through a digital stage at some point somehow makes less of a compelling image.

One of the big reasons behind the show was give folks a glimpse into my typical working method, how I work professionally and that there's so much more going on in what you might term "illustration" than what I think most people are accustomed to. It's the most vibrant, living art field I can imagine -- from comics to graphic novels to game development, film, animation, books -- you name it. More is happening, more real work being created in these fields than anywhere else I see.


Will Kelly said...

"...the most vibrant, living art field I can imagine..."

Wow, that's a powerful statement, but I like hearing that, since my goal is to become an illustrator myself. And all those fields you listed are ones I'm interested in. So I guess it is possible to become a "jack of all trades" so to speak!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I have wondered before if your works were done in watercolors then enhanced digitally.

Anonymous said...

Hi Corey, I love your work. And thank you very much for sharing your process with us. I still have one question though, since the image is too small to really tell.....Is your color study digital or paint?