Friday, October 22, 2010

bit and run, giveaway

Earlier this year I partnered with GoNintendo to release my Nintendo themed "bit and run" comics. We've had two "series" worth of comics, Volume One and Volume Two. And now the second set of comics is drawing to a close. I wanted to do something special to mark the occasion, that's why over on GoNintendo I've taken this week's comic to make a giveaway. Three original drawings.

A Shy Guy talking onions, a Goomba in a Tanuki suit, and a Shy Guy playing a GameBoy.

These giveaways are a small thank you to Kevin Cassidy, one of the finest dudes on the internet and the man behind GoNintendo. Kevin gave me huge audience and platform to distribute these comics and I wanted to give back to the community he's created in some small way. These matted 5x7s are up for grabs by a simple comment on the post over at GoNintendo. Should you choose to enter over there, good luck!

Thank you all for a great run of comics.

Next week, "bit and run" Volume Two, finale.


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Jarren Williams. said...

wow this is so cool and what amazing response on the gonintendo post. You should randomly throw drawings like these on your Etsy. 5x7 drawings like these would be awesome to collect.