Friday, February 25, 2011

bit and run - originals

In my free time between other personal and client work I've been putting together this new project I'm calling bit and run - originals. They will be a collection of Nintendo inspired drawings. Some of them are like portraits, other just simple moments, or little comics in and of themselves. The drawings are on Rives BFK a very nice, heavy watercolor paper and will be matted 5" x 7" -- much like my "bit and run" drawing giveaway back in October.

All of the drawings will be $50 each and will be posted on my shop in time for next week, Friday March 4th (going up sometime late Thursday night / early Friday morning just like in the olden days with the "bit and run" comics.)

It's been too long since I got to draw and play in a world inspired by Nintendo and I guess this is the form my enthusiasm has taken this time. I hope you guys will enjoy the result!

I'll see you next Friday with bit and run - originals!


Logan Pearsall said...

I love these! Really nice!

Nicole said...

Eeek I am so excited to see these!

I particularly love the shy guys and will be heading to your shop when they go up!


- hey bro! - said...

I love your work on bit and run, they're all so clever! And the way you portray our favorite Nintendo heroes is amazing~

Mike Bonsteel said...

Brilliant! Can't wait to see what Link's holding up.