Friday, February 11, 2011

old man troll

Behold, old man troll.

Above is the rough, over the next few posts we'll see him come to life in all his irritable glory.

Calling this sort of work "portfolio" stuff feels a little more crass than I mean it to sound, like I'm just doing it out of duty or something when the truth is the exact opposite, I do this work because I just enjoy doing it.

These are individual pieces, not part of a project and I just like making them.

That said, I do try to reorganize and inject new life into my portfolio every 6 months to a year with new personal projects and new individual pieces.


Mike Bonsteel said...

Very whimsical. I love his expression.

Looking forward to the details.

Logan Pearsall said...

Is this a digital rough? I can't tell. If it is, do you do that regularly... rough it out digitally, anticipating to make the final in watercolors... or whatever?