Wednesday, March 23, 2011

more of New York

In my previous post I covered the Petr Ginz premiere. Here is some of the rest of our time in NYC.

The obligatory Times Square shot.

For my sister, Courtney.

At the premiere.

One time we heard the sultry tones of the Spider-Man theme.
Courtesy of Spidey himself.


The Nintendo World Store. All my dreams came true.

Pleased to report that the 3DS's images blended for my eyes. (I can't really see 3D movies so this was an awesome surprise.) Notice the in the picture there are two images on the screen. You only see one 3D image when you look at it in person.

Why I did thumbs up rather than V for victory I'll never know.

Part of the mini-museum.

A little Mario Bros.

My friend Nate tells a hilarious and heartwarming story in this disorienting animated .gif I have created.

Erin and I on the Staten Island Ferry.

Heather, Esla, and Matt.

Likely, I'm getting out my DS.

There you have it.

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