Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bit.Trip contest!

Update! Here are my winnings! Thank you again,

* * * 

If you've read this blog for any length of time you know that I love Nintendo. I admire the company itself almost as much as the games they produce.

For the most part I really only stick with the major Nintendo developed and published titles (Mario, Zelda, Pokémon) for several reasons, one of which being I simply don't have that much time to enjoy video games and with a Nintendo game I'll have a solid experience that I'll love. Everyone once in a while though, I'll happen upon a game developed by another and fall in love with that as well.

One of my favorite new series like this is Bit.Trip. The games play like love letters to the classic video games of the past. Each game in the series is almost elemental, they abstract and distill the building blocks of classic games into a fresh, new experience.

My favorite one in the series is Bit.Trip Runner. It's a terrifyingly challenging game. It also has some great music. See below.

* * * 

Recently a game site, Tiny Cartridge, had an art contest to win the new collection of Bit.Trip games for the Wii and 3DS. I thought, man, I got to do something if for no other reason than to show my love for the series. Well, hey, I'm happy to report I won one of the grand prizes!


Here's a better look at the piece I did for it:

* * *

And here's the moment from the game that inspired the piece. I wanted to do a more "realized" version of the blocky, pixelated scene. (Not to try an improve it in any way, mind you, there's not really anything to improve with pixels, they're perfect. I love them.)

Though actually I did another version of the piece too, one where CommanderVideo (that's the little fellow) was developed kind of along the same lines as the skull-monster. I made him more of an astronaut, or something. See below.

In the end I couldn't decide and sent in both to let the judges figure it out.

* * * 

Well, thanks again to Tiny Cartridge and Gaijin Games for picking my piece! It's an honor and I'm really looking forward to another Bit.Trip!


PS If you're interested here's my original thumbnail for the piece. 


Mike Bonsteel said...

Congrats, Corey!

Always great to see your take on video games.

Will Terry said...

Cool story - I can't come close but once I just called up an editor at Backpacker mag and told him that he needed to hire me to do an illustration for the magazine because I'm not only an illustrator but I'm way into backpacking. I also bored him with facts I knew about products they had reviewed and the fact that I actually used the products. He let me run - very kind of him and when I ran out of stupid things to say he said, "Can you just send me a few samples?" I did - and a few weeks later he gave me an assignment. I never worked for him again - but it was cool.