Wednesday, October 19, 2011

sign & doodle

I sign and doodle on the title page of each copy of The Hidden People. Each is unique though each is usually some variation of one of the tree people, some old tree man. He's quick to draw and I have fun.

I particularly enjoyed a couple with my last order and took some pictures.


You can pick up The Hidden People from my shop.


Grace Pennington said...

Such a clever idea, Cory. I hope it helps your sales, but it definitely makes each book feel special and like a one of a kind.

Larry MacDougall said...

Nice !

Kenan G Swaim said...

I absolutely loved the book and appreciated the sketch in my copy. I look forward to ordering more of your work.

Margothere said...

I can no longer resist "The Hidden People".

Zach Franzen said...

Hey! We need to hang the heck out. Chik-Fil-a this week?