Friday, September 14, 2012


Man, it's been some time here! It's a shame to let a blog lie dormant. It's a blog for gosh's sake! These things are meant to be watered regularly and turned towards the sun!

The third quarter of this year has been packed with travel, conventions, speaking engagements, and client work. I've been slammed and this poor blog has been the main causality. Time to water.

I'll be back next week with a full blogging schedule: catching up on past engagements, new projects, and future work. Also, a better-late-than-never giveaway!

* * * 

Until then here's a peek at some of the new work I debuted at the 3rd annual Indie Craft Parade.

New prints! I sold out of several but I'll be reprinting and listing on my shop.

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Jenny De La Torre said...

woot! I was getting a little worried there. Glad to hear the blog is going to be updated again! ^__^ Welcome back!