Thursday, April 04, 2013

MicroVisions pt. 4

Ready for watercolor.

First wash.

Gouache stage.

Drawing back in with the paint.


Final, with terribly messy edge.


Will Kelly said...

Hi Cory!
I had a quick question about the type of paper you used on this piece - I always have trouble with buckling, so I'm on the look out for a reliable surface to use.

Nicola said...

This is lovely, I am going to try this technique

Cam Kendell said...

I love this! It's always awesome to see your process unfolded.
Thanks for sharing Cory.

Bewildermunster said...

I adore this, it's really beautiful.

miniPau said...

Thank you for sharing the process!!! =)

Yasmeen Elsayed said...
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