Monday, May 27, 2013


Last weekend was Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, the convention organized by the creators of the celebrated Spectrum annuals. 

Last year SFAL was, for me, the best show I had ever been apart of. In terms of quality of exhibitors, collectors, and really the whole event, from the awards show to meeting everyone. It was hands down the best show I'd ever had. Going into year two I had terribly high expectations. I'm pleased to report that the Fenners, and everyone involved with making SFAL outdid themselves again.

As long as it's around, Spectrum will be my big show for the year. It's no exaggeration to say it's everything I love about conventions and none of the stuff I hate. No filler, no entertainment and media, just fantastic work and people who love it.

Here's a look at our time. Some of these are pictures Erin took, some of them are from other friends.

Me, Zach, and Justin.
Zach's going "COOORRRYYY" you can see his mouth do that.

My 2013 sketchbook, Lyrebird debuted at the show!
Available online early June.

Last day of the show oh my gosh

But, award.

Behold that triangular object.

See, one of the great things about getting everyone together for a show likes this is the award show. Saturday night, what amounts to the Oscars of Imaginative Realism takes place at the Midland Theater. 

This year I'm pleased to report that I was nominated in the Unpublished category and The Fish Master won gold.

The Fish Master

David Petersen and me. This is an award winning photograph.



Zach and me. A nice picture.


* * * 

Paul Bonner and Justin Gerard.


Laura said...

It was a pleasure to see your work at Spectrum again this year (especially original pencils - they are always my favorite thing to look at when I view other artists work), and I completely agree, favorite show of the year and I will be back for as long as it goes on.


Sadami said...

Hi, Cory, thank u for sharing your joy, wonderful photo and work. Congrats on your award!
Best wishes, Sadami

Cam Kendell said...

That really sounds like an awesome convention. Maybe I'll make it out one year!

Norman Hundert said...

Congrats Cory!! :)
It hits the right one!

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