Saturday, September 17, 2005

I DO MATH, so thank you very much (updated)

Hey, a big thank you to those of you who've stopped by my blog the past few days. I've had quite a bit more traffic than usual so....

I did a little math.

Math, you ask? Yes. I calcutlated some averages. Now, it wasn't easy, I'll admit, getting to where I am today, mathematically.

***b Highschool Story Thyme b***

In highschool my Algebra II teacher, Mrs. Patton, told me, "Cory, you have like, an F+ in my class. It is a week before school is going to be out. To pass my class you must pass the final."

"Alright, Mrs. Patton! I'll do it! I'll do it!" quoth I.

I set about to make the best grade of my life. Yes, I'd hardly passed Geometry; yes, I'd nearly failed Algerba I; yes I actually did fail Chemistry [Professor says, "Cory, you've got like, an F-zero in my class. You will not pass." But you know what! ...I sure showed him or not! And I took Driver's Ed. the next semester.]

I digress.

this, this Algebra II and the important grade would be different.

I worked and worked. I studied. I got help. I did everything in my power. I took the test. Easy, easy test. I easily must've made like, an A+ on it.

The next day or whatever I went and checked the test score sheet outside Mrs. Patton's office. There, in plain black and white, was my name, and my grade: 50%

I was in a sweat for a day or two, then I got my report card.
Algebra II: C-

Who knew? I do love math after all.

Anyway, enough of that-- on to the good stuff.

* * *

I checked my this morning and figured that yesterday I had over 7 times as many visitors I usually have and over 10 times my weekly new visitors. This is an encouraging development for a pretty new blogger.

So thank you all very much for your support. I really appreciate.

Thank you,

PS-- To thank you all once again, there is a secret link to a wonderful place hidden within the text somewhere.

I'm curious if any one has found it yet. It seemed appropriate at the time.


greenemama said...

this is one of my favorite blogs. ::nods, sips coffee::

jonkopp said...

blarney! Tis Barney.

Cory said...

good work.

Gloamer said...

All those moments of painstaking scrolling and I uncover... a purple dancing man-eater. --Egad!

Cory said...

I don't what came over me. I googled "story time" to see what I'd get.

I'm a disgrace to my uniform.