Monday, September 19, 2005

This afternoon and the paints (edit)

I had a great afternoon. Bascially I painted, watched Justin throw things, and listened to good music. I managed to pull off 4 watercolors all around 6.25 X 3 in. and had a blast. It was relaxing. Art's not all fun and games you know, it's downright stressful sometimes. I go berzerk somedays.

I'm between projects right now which is nice because I've been swamped since early summer. The paintings I was working on are for my own book, The Blue Goblet.

But then I just did this.

Here's a glimpse of where all that bird reference is going, not that this really tells anyone anything. Mostly it deals only with the subject matter, and at that not even very specifically. Or the colors. Alright, fine, so I painted a giant bird. There's a lot more going on behind the scenes in my head. Stay tuned.

Also, stay tuned for more on The Blue Goblet.

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ilana's gallery הגלריה said...

I love that purple!!
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