Thursday, February 23, 2006

and more famous dreams...

I have famous dreams. And it was two for the price of one last night. This is turning into one big famous trend. For when I met Stephen King and Johnny Cash, all in one night, click here.

Last night was Ben Folds and Robin Williams.

The Ben Folds one was more fun than the Robin Williams one, but the latter is way funnier in retrospect.

* * *
Ben Folds

So it all starts out much like my Peter Jackson dream; me, Ben Folds, and my good buddies Justin and Ben Kammer are driving around with Ben Folds in a giant white van and we're all pals. Turns out the three of us are driving him to the next show. I think I was driving, but with dreams you never know.

Well, we all unloaded the equipment and stuff and set up chairs. After hanging out and talking about who knows what, dream stuff, about 20 people filed into this big gymnasium. The three of us all sat in the back. Folds was about to start playing on a big black Yamaha, when he was like, "No way! Come up here!" So we moved up to the front and it was great.

I chalk this one up to the fact that the three of us really did go to a Ben Folds concert back in the fall. While Folds never called us up to stage or anything, there was some guy on another guys shoulders and the one guy threw like, a Calculus book at the stage and it sailed clean over Folds head. I don't think he noticed. And we were pretty close.

Robin Williams

His face there is pretty much what he looked like at the end of the dream except not so happy.

Alright, well, somewhere along the way, an old friend of mine that I've known for years and years found Robin Williams office.

We go in and it's really long, and full of stuff, lots of knick-nacks. Everything is big, old, and heavy. There was alot of shelves and we're just walking around. Somewhere Emily pulls out this box of like, nuclear Crayolas and was like, "Hey, let's draw on his desk! Haw haw!"

So we excitedly shoved all the papers and books aside and started drawing huge child-like scrawlings in bright kind of chalky atomic colors. This is the funniest thing either of us had ever done and we're cracking up like idiots when BLAM! Robin Williams comes bursting through the door scattering papers all up into the air and he was like, "HEY! WHAT'RE YOU DOING?!"

And then I woke up at 4:30 A.M. to see Kitty, sitting there next to my head.

* * *
And for because. A little dragon I did this afternoon.


Timultutor said...

Dear Xoryoraurus,

I miss Kitty and Ben.

I have funny night vision footage of
the latter antagonizing the former.
I will reap millions with it on Ebay.
I have been having letterbox format
dreams as of late. I beheld a sunrise on the Golden Gate bridge. Crazy beautiful.

Esther said...

I think that your dreams have a lot of meaning. You need to hire a dream interpreter. This could be big.

Cory said...

i miss ben (kammer) as well.
kitty is always there. she is not to be missed til she is not there.

it's like going to wal-mart, and "the heck! they only got jurassic park in full-screen? ugghhhhhhh.... fine. i'll take it. but i'd sure as heck better dream in an aspect ratio that preserves the original theatrical release of my life..."