Friday, October 27, 2006

pumpkins [update]

Here it is-- all I could manage to get was a crude picture off my phone before it rotted and died. The pumpkin, not my phone.

Erin works at a architectural design firm downtown, called Design Strategies.

Needless to say these folks know how to draw and and you cane see by the one pumpkin next to mine, there were some cool pumpkins. We were not expecting to win, due to the awesome nature with which these folks design, (I mean come on! They make buildings-- geez!) however, the grand prize was named and the Horrible Goblet Thieving Beast of the Mountain, won. $300.

And Erin, you can the top of her pumpkin just below mine, also won a $20 prize. Her pumpkin had kittys on it.


Did some pumpkin carving last night in preperation for a contest at the office (this afternoon) where my wife works.

I've always had this affinity for pumpkins and I really don't know why. One of my earliest memories as a little boy is being made to eat a piece of pumpkin pie in kindergarten (k-4) by my teacher and throwing up. You would think that would've kind of pushed me off.


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Anonymous said...

is there anything you CAN'T do????

Cory said...

i don't really tie my shoes. or fly. not kidding. i have velcro shoes.

Cedar said...

Congratulations Cory, is that cool or what?