Wednesday, November 01, 2006

SBL: the CD itself

As a few of the faithful may remember, I worked on album art for a children's album of a prominent singer/songwriter from Nashville. At the artist's (singer/songwriter artist, that is... it's confusing) I posted a good bit of the in progress/ finished pieces of the interior album art as well as work for the cover.

The project has been finished/on hold/back burner for a while now (on my end anyway) but just the other day I did the art for the CD itself. I'm not sure if it will be printed with the image cut-away from the CD [i.e the shiny CD showing through--I hope not] and whatever around it, or will it be printed like regular, and not reversed. I only hope not just because it's hard to see, atleast for my brain to process things reversed is difficult. Well. Not difficult. I just don't like to see it.

Without further, he's one of the characters that pop up in a couple songs, and the front of the CD, the Zorbian:

To see more of the album art, dig around in the July 2006 archives.

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