Tuesday, January 30, 2007


as adept as I am in most areas, not so in the art of making coffee--
to wit:

Quote: a prominent co-worker, the pot I made yesterday afternoon tasted like, "(clicks tongue) A Brick."

Another said, quote, "Really Bad."

Not to have been out done by myself before, and since more coffee grounds = gooder coffee, I filled the maker to the brim like so many brimming fishes.

The end result being what I might call something in the way of vaudeville and slightly brick-y.

"I will make that good pot," said I.

So, being that the night before, while a drink of water I got at 3:03 AM being awoke by the cat, I met the frame of the doorway with my forehead in the darkness and thereby caused a small welt to form where once before there was only eyebrow.

Again, so as not to be out done by myself, I went onto (after my water and dazed collision with the frame) to not-sleep and lay awake for many days. Or hours. Maybe only two. But they felt long.

Purposing in my heart to not suffer defeat at the hands of this task-master so wicked and bad, I resolved to forge the pot again:

And so. In this glad morning, I made that pot-- cast off the old grounds of the yesteryear afternoon, rough hewn afresh were the new grounds, and I burned them with many hot waters.

And there, at my desk, I drank that coffee, enjoying it as much as people really do enjoy coffee (-_-) for it is close to a joke, but enjoy it really-- for that doctored kind is not good. Resound, that tan coffee to be abolished and be drunk no more. Many hot waters burned that coffee, and it was good.

And I made one cup. One cup in that 12 cup pot. One cup for me and no other, thereby ensuring the sound affirmation of my abilities,



so I would be the only one who knew that I was, still, as always, bad at making coffee.


Anonymous said...

Try hot chocolate..easier and tastes better.

Cory said...

thank you
i might.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny. And your wife is so wonderful. She brought me a bountiful basket of goodies yesternight.

Cory said...

thank you anonymous. and i hope you are feeling better.
chinken noodle soup works wonders i hear.

Rachael said...

Sounds like someone should not quit their day job to make coffee. :o)
Wonderful illustrations!