Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rule Britannia!

I've been looking to get a little time to make a large piece to go in one of my windows here at work. Our office is located on the second floor of a building (there's a nice restaurant below us) at a busy intersection.

Theoretically, if I put a big drawing/painting in the window I could make one of two things happen. Maybe both. There's a disticnt possibility they might even be related. Or at very least correlated. Which is to say that they may be mutually or reciprocally related. Enough. Here's my thoughts:

1) Make people look at the window.

2) Cause traffic collisions.

For the one who would protest, saying, "But those are not reasons enough to do anything."

I would reply, "If those are not reasons good enough for you then perhaps you are not doing anything worth doing anyway."

I'd like to make this a rotating, one piece show. Below you'll find the beginnings of my first entry as well as the thought behind it:


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