Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Ballad of Matthew's Begats

A book? Yes it is! In fact it is the first book idea that Portland Studios pitched to a publisher and a publisher bought it.

I believe it was Brannon thought the idea up and I developed it and concepted it. I boarded it out and kind of made it up. Then I drew pictures for it. The art for The Ballad developed over several months, almost a year. Growing from a book of headshots of funny looking old people to a more complete, fuller presentation-- with ancient Polaroids (which you'll be able to see for yourself very soon)

It's true, you've heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Well folks, grip the arms of whatever chair you happen to be sitting in (or, if you're not sitting in a chair you may hold onto your face if you need to)

Behold, the Dead Sea Polaroids

Anyway, the reviews are starting. This one, is very kind and positive.

It's that time of year it would seem.


Oliver. said...

I've added it to my wish list.
how many pages and what size it is?

Cory said...

Hey thanks Oliver!

It's around 30+ pages and it's a good size, 10 x 12 I think.

Josh said...

Congrats, Cory! That's at least one Christmas present for my nephews accounted for:)