Tuesday, September 25, 2007

society of illustrators annual 50

Update : For the record, I was accepted in two categories, Book and Sequential. Yeah!

Sent off my entries to The Society of Illustrators Annual today. For anyone who may not know, it is the most prestigious and recognized publication of illustration in the world. As such I haven't been accepted before. This year however, I believe I've got some solid entries.

I've entered three pieces, one in Uncommissoned, one in Book, and one in Sequential.

***Uncommisoned***Dandelion Embers


***Book***Grimble Crossing the Alps
Jack & Inar, pub. date early 2008



DVD cover

I haven't ever entered Sequential before, mostly because (as one might imagine) I haven't had anything to show. I also hadn't ever noticed that they accept animation entries. So, edited down to 2 minutes, The Ruin of the Beast has been submitted for cosideration.

included inside the jewel case with the DVD:

I'll make information concering these entries available as I find out-- which won't be for a while anyway.

Thankfully, S.I. let's you know if you've been accepted or not accepted so you're not wondering until you see the book.



Jonathan Woodward said...

Hey Cory,

Good luck with the entries!

I have been following your work for a while on your blog now and it's awesome.

Love the 'Dandelion Embers' piece - beautiful.

I've also been following your Photoshop Experiment blog too and wanted to say thanks as it's great to get an insite as to how you work your magic.


Sketchism said...

You've made some beautiful work, Cory. I'm crossing my fingers for ya.

Awesome submissions!

Ferdi said...

Good luck!

ian said...

Oh my, the "Dandelion Embers" piece is superb.

Good luck on the entries!