Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Man! Things have been busy. I even missed Trolls Doing Tricks on Wheels. Dang! Maybe tomorrow can be special Thursday edition of TDToW.

Here's one that I drew this past Friday for the Portland blog but only got around to finishing today in a little down time.

Animation work takes up a lot of time these days and as much as I enjoy it, I find myself wanting to spend more time on a single painting. That's one reason why Ticket has got me as excited as it does. I spent nearly the entire day Saturday going over and over all my thumbnails and storyboards for Ticket and I'm very happy with every aspect of it.

In the coming days you can expect to read and see a little more Ticket.

* * *

I've always like the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I'll leave interpretations of the fairy tale up to whoever wants it but the iconography has stuck with me. I think The Blue Goblet owes something to Little Red. In any case, here's a quickly painted Little Red. I was working on the background painting for some animation today and I wanted to toss a couple of book on the floor. So here we've got Little Red Riding Hood and underneath it The Blue Goblet.

I did this quick but I thought it was fun and wanted to put it here because odds are it'll pass by so quickly in the commercial no one will ever notice it.


Oliver. said...
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Oliver. said...

His facial expression (prospero) is very interesting, and I really like the shape of that tree.
Funny, the LRRH story has been on my mind these days too.

Gemma Capdevila said...

Wow! I love your paints, specially the color u use and the line!

When I've seen your birds in the previous!
What a color! Congratulations!

[I link you in my blog]

ian said...

The magician is truly fantastic. I love this type of illustration that you do.

I can't say enough, really great character.