Wednesday, July 02, 2008

but i want to be a paperback writer.

See, when we say "zine" I think we mean more like paperback picture book.

Got the proofs in today of Ticket. I am fantastically excited.

* * *

Color cover, 32 pages black and white interior. It feels as good and hefty as a paperback possibly can.

Pre-orders should be starting up next week after the July 4th holiday.

As always I'll keep you posted.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful!! :)

Unknown said...

Awesome! It must be satisfying to see your work all together like that :).

ian said...

Looks Great!! Congratulations, I'll be sure to get one when they go on sale!

oliver said...

Nice, very nice!
Can you tell us why your workplace is so dark?

Cory Godbey said...

Hey Oliver, yesterday someone pulled all the blinds down. We've got these giant windows all along two walls.

The ceiling is exposed with beams and such so it can at times heat up in there.

I don't recall yesterday being particularly hot but the shades were down, we keep it dim there mostly anyhow, so there you have it.

Welcome to the burgundy walls and exposed beams of Portland Studios.

shliknik said...

Great stuff!

Good to see S.C. (and Greenville) represented! I've been meaning to come by the studio, but you know how that goes.