Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Little Red

This is an old watercolor from about seven years ago.

I love stories where heroic innocence beats something really bad. In the ones I really love there's no real danger. Nothing is going to hurt them. Max? He's the King of All Wild Things and though "they roar their terrible roars" they can't touch him.

That's not to say nothing happens, or there's nothing bad, dangerous, or perilous; whatever you'd like to call it but even in the scariest, worst place you know that something good will happen, not because you hope it will, but because it has too. The woodchopper is coming.

Whether it's Max in Where the Wild Things Are, or Little Red, there's something about the naïveite of the hero that resonates with me. Good will work out simply because it's good.

This business spills over into my own work. Ticket, The Blue Goblet, etc.

With Ticket being released soon I hope you'll see why, even more than the innocence of the hero (or heroine) , I love the woodchopper; whatever form he takes.


Loren Eaton said...

That's a beautiful image.

Dave P. said...

Yes, a beautiful image. I love the atmosphere of it.

Have you seen "Wall-e" yet? He's a perfect example of heroic innocence.

Cory said...

Wall-E is "worthy of every superlative tossed its way."

We went to it opening night.

There's not much to say that doesn't sound trite.

To read some great thoughts head over to the Portland blog and see Zach's take.


annie said...

so thats hanging on our wall right now, one slot away from the whittington