Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Illustration Friday: "Sour"

I'd be a sour-faced youth, ... were it not for ... painting.

I mean, I enjoy it so.


That's a stretch, I know. Man, how else could I make "sour" work? I just don't know.

It'd help if I were more creative. Or better able to think up complex, abstract connections between things.

In the words of the late, great Chris Farley, "We both know that women are attracted to me ... in the same way that ... metaphors describe stuff."

* * *

These painting are for Ticket: a story in pictures. A paperback picture book the studio I work for is releasing this Friday (July 11!) I'm ridiculously excited about it and I hope you'll check back Friday to see my full post about the creation of Ticket, from start to printed finish.

Below is an excerpt:

* * *

I made a couple all nighters in the production of Ticket. These paintings represent one of them.

* * *

The next night I scanned them all, complied them in Photoshop, and called it good.

I think I took two nights to do the post-production finishing work. I think. Things started to get fuzzy towards the end.

* * *

They put it all together and sent it off. Then the proof came back.

Check out here for my post about the proof.

A few more days of waiting and now it'll be all done. July 11.

* * *

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll check back this Friday!

Note: This post is not the surprise I mentioned in the last post, that'll be coming right around 5 PM EST today.


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How exciting! I'll be back tomorrow :)