Saturday, August 02, 2008

3 views of one piece.

I get some time this afternoon to work on finishing this piece, which I'm looking forward to.

I've had this idea with me for a long time but never felt like I could handle it. Who knows why, it's not all that complicated but for whatever reason it stumped me for a long time.

So, here's to this afternoon -- and to pipe organs, heart-sick dragons, and dried roses.


Will Kelly said...

The cavern should provide extraordinary acoustics for Mr. Dragon's melancholy meanderings amongst the keys. Maybe he could write a nice concerto in D minor or something. Nice composition!

mim said...

nice colors, I like the mood! ;)


Koldo said...

Beautiful work!
It looks to me like something that a prog rock band would love to use for an album cover, a good one I mean!