Friday, August 01, 2008

Dragons don't play music.

I spent a little time the other night and finished the drawing for this piece. You can see the rough pencil below.

I've been working on the painting a little while off and on today. Hopefully I'll have something to show sometime next week.

Notice the inclusion of the "muse" and dried rose. I'm not sure what they mean but I'm sure they are poignant somehow, right?


I've been working on a few unrelated pieces. Here's the rough pencil for one of them.



Carlee said...

every time I stop by your blog (which is often these days) you have posted something new! yay!

nice craggy rock textures. also very nice horn texture.

mim said...

Nice sketch!
Also it's nice to see ur "rough pencile" really, so ceool!
I check ur blog several times by the day! infact it's my homepage on firefox currently! ;)


edward hopper said...

yes, very poignant.
but i'm not telling You why.

"if you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint."