Friday, August 29, 2008

birthday cards.

My mother is a second grade teacher. Yesterday, being my birthday and all, her students made me birthday cards. She told them I like to draw dragons and monsters.

I have selected the most outstanding of the bunch to share with you here and awarded them awards based on their aesthetic merits and serious artistic criterion based on objective judgments.

What the heck?

Here are some awesome cards.
Drum roll, please.


Most "After-My-Own-Heart" Award.

I like the cover a lot, for real. It has great color and I like the horns on the dragons. Egg? Very funny. I would hope I would design a card like this.


The "Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Theory of Colours" Award.

Red, blue, and purple. Now that is color theory in practice. I think the title of this award really says more than I possibly could, try as I might.


Best Use of Phonics and Compliments Award.

No, you rock on.

Jolly Green Giant Award.

I really like this monster. I like face, I his color, and I like his body shape.


Grand Prize : The "Made Me Laugh Really, Really Hard" Award.

This card stood out for two main reasons:

1.) The artist turned the card on its side and made a big picture. She was the only one who did that.

2.) It was the only card to feature a million people eaten.


Thanks again to everyone in Classroom A-6!


Anonymous said...

We love you, Cory!
Classroom A-6

Brade said...


tata said...

I read your blog all the time. Your art amazes me.


Classroom A-6 got me out of lurkdom to say that there is a lot of great potential there! How awesome your mom recruited them to make you birthday cards. Mine is tomorrow - can you convince her to have some made for me?!

Happy Birthday, Cory :)

Nana Nancy said...

Cory, first of all let me say that I am the proudest grandmother on earth. Allyssa is my lovely granddaughter. My mom and I have been scrapbooking for several years now. Allyssa has been right there with us from an early age and loves to draw, cut paper, etc. Sending you belated birthday wishes and thank you for picking her as your grand winner!