Monday, August 18, 2008

Letter to the editor. I mean Queen.


A little while ago it occurred to me that there was nothing in the world to prevent me from sending a copy of Ticket to Her Majesty the Queen of England.

Today I received my reply. Addressed to a "Miss" Cory Godbey.

Well! I am honoured to have been wrote back at all.

Long Live the Queen.


Shannon said...

Some names get mistaken in that way.

Elizabeth said...

what a fantastic idea! I hope that she looked at it and then gave it to her favorite neice or nephew (which is what i would have done).

Dot said...

That is such a cool idea!

By the way, I got my copy of Ticket (and the watercolor) and my little boy thinks it's the coolest thing ever! nice work..

Curious Art said...

Ha! You saucy wench, er, bold rascal!