Monday, August 18, 2008

Ticket : evaporating numbers

Here's a quick Public Service Announcement for Ticket I discovered over on the Portland Blog:

I believe we're down to a box or two -- that makes a couple dozen copies left.

Get your orders in soon, or heck, make your voice heard for a second edition!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! It's an awesome book. It deserved the rapid sellout.

Cory said...

And by sell out I almost wish we could mean plastic lunch boxes, plush dolls, animated Christmas specials, greeting cards, boxer shorts, little plastic happy meal toys ...

Well. Maybe not.

But part of me wouldn't mind some t-shirts or heck, an animated special would be cool. Dag, I'd even take some little toys. We'll call them figurines. Makes them sound less disposable.

Hm. Maybe selling out isn't so bad. Maybe it's all in how you do it. And what you call it.

There's your profound though for the evening.

Will Kelly said...

I ordered my copy on Sunday, and am eagerly awaiting it. Can't wait!
Also, congratulations on the letter to the Queen. How cool is that? Official seal, stationary, and everything.
Jolly good, I say.

jen oaks said...

hi cory,
i found you through the "book by its cover" blog, i think. i just ordered Ticket... it looks incredible and i can't wait to have it in my hands! congratulations on it. :)

Cory said...

Great! Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy them!

mim said...

I wish to had a copy too! but here isn't a way I can order! no credits here are supported! so take me to those who will order it for 5 or 6nd editions! lol ! it would be on my first "to do list" when I get out of here! Damn! :D
And about the queen letter, that was really great! ceool! I like your letter style; :)

Gl Cory, ;)