Tuesday, August 26, 2008

more painting monsters

Here's a little work in progress of one I've been working on tonight. It's coming together well. At this juncture I don't have anything all that intelligent to say about it. It's a little late.

But I want to pass something of value along tonight. Here's a little treasure I stumbled across a while ago. Sigur Rós must be a really kind group of musicians judging by the sheer volume of free music on their site. You can find all of it here.

The song that has had the most repeat play for me is this one, hrafnagaldur óðins [odin's raven magic] - chapter 3

I can not fathom how beautiful this music is. I really hope you take a moment to listen to this song.


DavidM said...

Well, I'm gonna comment on a few entries at once.

The colors in this piece are just great! I love that cool colored smoke against the warm, brimstone background.

The composition is really nice too! The movement of the dragons' body being carried through by St. George's cape is really nice! And that spear, sword George has is really cool. I can just see him working with his blacksmith on the perfect Wyrm-killer (another illustration?). Did you think about it like that when designing the piece?

E.G.E. said...

I'm glad you like Sigur Ros - they are so inspiring