Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vote for my brother.

I have a brother?

No, not really. A brother-in-law? Yes. Is he a real brother though? Most definitely.

I have known Chris for a long time. I met him my last year of high school and his first year of college; we worked together at the BJU Press in the art department as student illustrators.

After school we married sisters and now we're legal brothers.

* * *

Chris has entered a serious contest. It's a $10,000 contest. And he needs votes to win.

He's designed an incredible t-shirt for Design By Humans. And he stands the best chance out of all the entries to win $10,000 out of it.

Please take a moment to vote for Chris.

I know it would mean a ton to Chris, Annie, and my little nephew Marshall.

If you're still not convinced, check out his new blog here and take a peek at all the "making of" business for this design. There's even a time-lapse video of the drawing for the shirt.

* * *

You can sign up quick and easy here.

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