Tuesday, August 26, 2008


A simple one. I've been doing a few little things here and there in between my larger pieces.

Here is one of them. I drew him, painted him in watercolor, and played with the colors some in post-production. I think I end up doing these little ones so I feel more prolific than I actually am.

Helps me not to despair. I start to go nuts if I've got nothing finished to show for nights on end of working. Fortunately I've begun to see some results with these St. George pieces. It was a week and a half's worth of evenings to get the three pieces drawn and another three nights of painting. Finally I'm nearing some conclusion.

This little miner is just a morale booster. Get a quick victory in before the final push on the main work. Probably not the best approach, having so fragmented a focus. What can I say. I was raised on video games. My attention span is shot. Would you believe I don't even have the patience for most video games anymore? Most all my friends are Call of Duty nerds. It's fine but I can't play more than a couple rounds. It's fun to play multiplayer with other people but there's no chance I'd ever grind my way through the 1 player mode. Goodness there's just so much else to do. It is not fun to me.


damon said...

really nice drawing

Clayton said...

"I think I end up doing these little ones so I feel more prolific than I actually am."

Cory, if I were half as prolific with my writing as you are with your art, I would be happy.

Keep up the good work!

mim said...

Damn! I hate that game! Destroyed alot times of me! and I ended up at xp 55! but was fun! now I just hate it and won't play anymore since yesterday!!
and I'm agree with Clayton! :D
I like this piece really,
keep good works coming man


Brian Beausoleil said...

Something about this piece just captivated me