Sunday, September 07, 2008


Here is a detail of the finished piece. I'll post the complete painting tomorrow.

On a separate note, Erin and I finished the fourth season of The Office this evening. It really was perfect. I can't remember laughing as hard at a season. The third season was a little spoiled for me, we saw a few episodes on TV so some of the story points I already knew about. This fourth season I had no idea about anything. It was perfect.

I can't bear to watch live TV. I just can't. I get this terrible, terrible panicky feeling. It hasn't always been this way, mostly just since I became aware of my mortality. I also don't like vacations longer than a weekend. I guess three days tops. Maybe I'm hard to live with. I'm not sure. I just really like to work.

Anyway, we've tried to catch the couple of shows we like on TV but it epic fails. The best policy as far as I'm concerned in TV on DVD.

Long live box sets!

Waiting for season LOST season four... only 93 days left!

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Loren Eaton said...

Oh, Lost, where have you gone? You have left me so very lonely ...