Friday, September 05, 2008

Illustration Friday: "Clutter"

I'm right at the end of painting my third monster piece.

Hopefully this is less of a cheap re-cap of this week's worth of posts and more of a ... well, no, I think it's a cheap re-cap, with an even worse line to tie it into today's I.F. topic.

Here goes : Monsters cluttering up your. Area? Landscape? Waterfalls, maybe? I'll clean them up for you.

I was invited to contribute to a "Dragons" anthology and have been getting work in order for that. More on that as information becomes available.

I've mentioned before about these three pieces are (tragically) a monument to my indecisiveness in that I started with one idea I wanted to do, missed it three times, but ended up finding enjoyment in the three new directions.

With out further ado, here's my dragons.

St. George and the Dragon.


The Waterbeast.


The yet untitled one. You're welcome to help name it.

This final one I got painted last night. I've got a furious weekend ahead of me. I've got to have this done by Monday morning. You may expect updates over the weekend and an unveiling of the completed piece sometime Monday.

And yeah, think up a good title? Comment it!




Connie said...

Title: 'Bitter end'. Your dragons make clutter seem rather mundane. Great drawings.

Tina Vaziri said...

So beautiful, always love your work.

umbrella head said...

i love your style mate, really really nice work

Juan said...

Excellent work!!

Anonymous said...



Brine Blank said...

You can't beat a good dragon work...I really like how the top two turned out...very nice...

Daily Charcoal said...

How about 'Hollow Victory'.

isay said...

Congrats and they are truly beautiful illustrations.

Linda T. Snider Ward said...

beautiful illustrations...title: Love's Death
my dragons are so sweet that yours would simply snort at them!

Anonymous said...

title: Silence in Silene. Great work, love it as always.

calicokat said...

Wow! That should sum it up. These drawings are incredible!! I love dragons, and I draw them frequently, but these dragons bring a whole new style to the table that I have never seen before. Where do you get these ideas?!?

My favorite would have to be St. George and the Dragon. Awesome rendition!!

Also, for your last drawing, how about Vanquished? You should post the finished version up if you haven't already. because it's probably as awesome as the rest!!

Great job!

INDIGENE said...

lol! The drawings are beautiful and yes, it's a leap for the post; but a pleasant one :)

Emily said...

Definitely a stretch on the theme but fiercely nice dragons none the less!

thefridayfrog said...

who gives a cranky dragon if it's a stretch? i get the connection...and how you could ever use the word "cheap" in regards to what you do with a pencil...good heavens! :)

stunning. truly.

Mike said...

awesome work, the waterbeast is spectacular.