Friday, January 16, 2009

Illustration Friday : "Pale"

Pale gorilla.

I was digging around on this guy's blog this morning and realized how deficient I am at many things, one of them being a quick photoshop drawing. I think this gorilla was about 30 minutes, a distracted 20 minutes of work.

It's something I need to work on so here's to quick photoshop drawings more often.


Anonymous said...

I am deficient in a lot of things with my art as well so it is for all artists i think. This piece is good though because it captures the subject quickly and has life to it. I follow yours and Justin's work and I see how deificient i am compared to you two.
Brian Beausoleil

indigene said...

Wow! It's great and it would have taken me hours! Now, who's deficient? Great work!

Nicholas Jackson said...

Man I totally know what you are talking about. Sometimes when I look at my paintings I think "I could have done this in half the time."
Looking great as always.


David Opie said...

I love your work. Even though I teach Photoshop (and, of course, use it all the time) there's still nothing better than a nice, fresh, loose, watercolor or mixed media painting.