Tuesday, January 27, 2009

some very Grimm thumbnails

Thumbnails for my "Grimm and Other Folk Tales" show in April.

14 pieces. I completed all my color comps this evening.

The next step is going to be shooting and gathering reference.

* * *

It's not very often but once in a while I stumble across a piece of music that I can't do without. Some time ago I tripped over John Murphy's score to Sunshine. I bought the album straight away and have (almost literally) had this song on repeat for weeks :

I can't get over how beautiful it is. I haven't seen the movie, and the more I think of it I'm not sure I want to. I don't think I want to have any images attached to this music other than what I've got in my mind. It's been perfect music to work to, especially for these fairy tale pieces.

I hope you enjoy it.


Caitlyn Dailey's ArtBlog said...

Great blog! I really like the Grimm idea's that you're coming up with.

I have to say, I have seen Sunshine and loved it... mainly because the soundtrack is wonderful!

MandaLiet said...

second on the sunshine goodness. It has great visuals, it won't ruin it for you.