Thursday, April 23, 2009

St. George's Day

"There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word,
which means more to me than any other.
That word is England." - Sir Winston Churchill

April 23, St. George's Day. On this day, the traditionally accepted date of Saint George's death in 303 A.D, I give you two pieces of my own, and several inspiring works by various artists through-out the ages.

Silence in Silene

Happy St. George's Day

* * *

Saint George (1889) by Gustave Moreau

St. George and the Dragon (1504) by Raphael

St. George (1415) by Donatello

St. George and the Dragon (1914) by Briton Riviere

Saint George and the Dragon (1985) by Trina Schart Hyman

* * *