Wednesday, April 22, 2009

:: Operation Wolf Suit :: / update

Hey everyone, confused by the title of this post? I hope not, but here's a link to correct that confusion, should you be experiencing any. Operation Wolf Suit drops May 1, and I've been working the last few weeks worth of evenings towards that goal, it'll also have it's real name then. There's still a few things to get in order but I'm very pleased with the work so far.

Work progresses on my "moving pictures" (you know, Project Gondola) I've had to pause yet again the Gondola piece because of client work but I'll take the work. The venerable Danny McNight has been AfterEffects, motion-graphicing the heck out of my second moving picture, based on my elusive The Blue Goblet series. Look for that to be completed in the next couple weeks.

I've also got a third one in development, I'm partnering with the powerful Josh Burton to create an animated Jack and Inar short. Here's a little Inar head drawing :

All eyes look to the West as we prepare for Comic-Con in San Diego this July. We're still arranging our flight plans and ironing some details but Justin and I will be there -- and with a montrous booth. 10 x 10!

Working like mad to make 2009 cool for you,

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will kelly said...

It's hard to believe that it's been almost a year since Portland Inc.'s 1st ComiCon.
I also can't wait to see your animations. Justin's was awsome.