Saturday, April 18, 2009


I have one good reason and a million stupid ones for getting a Twitter. The one good one is that our Marketing Director at work runs the Portland one and every time he posts a link to my blog I get on average 50 more people visiting a day. That's good math to me.

The million stupid ones? -- do you really want to know that I beat Super Mario Bros. 3 the other night? Or that I'm crazy excited for the new Wolverine movie? That I liked the music in trailer for Wolverine so much that I bought the score to the unrelated film they pulled the music from? Because odds are that's what I'd Twitter about.

So! If you like, you can follow me on Twitter. I set up a little thing over on the side bar that'll update with whatever nonsense I put there. If you need to, you can tape a little piece of paper over it if you don't want to read about how badly I trounced Bowser.

I just wish the internet had tougher names for things, twitter... etsy... light night rains? ... they just don't shout manliness do they.