Friday, May 29, 2009

Terrible Yellow Eyes - Chalk Thing

A while ago I found a little piece of blue chalk. I brought it home and drew on the driveway with it.

Erin ended up getting me a whole little tub of sidewalk chalk but then fall came and winter came and I never really used it.

Then a couple weekends ago we were babysitting my nephew and playing outside. I had just cleaned out the garage that day and rediscovered the chalk. A perfect storm for monster drawing on the driveway. I'd like to think I used the time in between ventures to adapt and improve my methods :


Truthfully, I've been so busy at work and there's been so much going on I wasn't able to get together the piece I meant to for Terrible Yellow Eyes today. So, one again with speed in mind and taking up chalk in hand, I set forth to render my contribution in the very inconstant, temporary, and unenduring medium of sidewalk chalk. Behold, my final piece :

* * *


damon said...

very cool love it

Mukpuddy said...

Wow, love it dude!!!

will kelly said...

One thing comes to mind: You must have a rather large sidewalk!
Lovely way to spend a early summer afternoon.

P.S. please pet the cat for me.

Julia Kelly said...

ahhhhh- I wish I had a sidewalk- to draw with chalk for the next IF!!

Cory said...

Thanks everyone!

Will, that's Kitty, she's our stray that adopted us. She makes it into every chalk drawing post :

Anonymous said...

What fun! Love it!!! Memo to self: Buy a bucket of chalk. ditsychick

Anonymous said...

PS Pet the cat for me, too. ditsy

Czina said...

this is so amazing.
i have to find a piece of chalk for myself and choose some fitting path in park.

lassmann said...

awesome - grand applause!