Monday, June 01, 2009

Zero 2 Illo interview

I was recently interviewed by Jon Woodward who runs Zero 2 Illo, a great blog for aspiring illustrators. Thanks Jon!


RAWLS said...

Cory! Beautiful work my friend! I really love yer style!! I also like what you're doing with the whole Where the Wild things are tribute... Fantastic idea man!

Daniel Belchí said...

Wow, Cory, your work is really, really beautiful. You use watercolour and gouache like an authentic master!

How is your workflow? First you paint with cold colors and then with hottest?

Another question about your interview in that awake my attention: what kind of paper do you buy in Graphic Chemical and Ink Co? I love papers and I want to try it! :)

Good luck, Cory. And good work!

Cory said...

Hey Daniel, Typically I go from warm to cool.

I'll track down the link to that paper for you.

Cory said...

Thanks Rawls! Can't wait to post your entry!

Dani said...
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Daniel Belchí said...

:), jeje.