Tuesday, June 09, 2009

JUNE 10 : Maurice Sendak's birthday

Tomorrow is Maurice Sendak's 81st birthday. Truthfully, I've been feeling as excited for it as I remember feeling for my eighth birthday. Or something like that. But! I am very excited for it.

It's the big reason for Terrible Yellow Eyes; beyond just being a place where I (and friends) can post paintings that express my (our) love of the book, it's really a giant, digital birthday card for Mr. Sendak.

I have a friend whose Creative Director also happens to be Mr. Sendak's own art director and he's offered to pass the site along. This was some terribly exciting information for me to contain.

So, that all being said, tomorrow we'll have a special Sendak birthday post over on Terrible Yellow Eyes. And we've got some big guns tomorrow -- I'm just ridiculously pleased to be able to post a contribution by one of my personal heroes, Peter deSeve.

* * *

Well, again, so as to not abandon my blog while I focus on Terrible Yellow Eyes, I am posting the preliminary work for the new piece posted over there.

Check out TYE tommorrow to see the final painting!

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