Wednesday, June 10, 2009

because it just turned June 10 on the eastern seaboard

Here's a peek at the drawing for my Terrible Yellow Eyes painting tomorrow -- wait no, today. In 11 hours.

Be sure and check out TYE starting at 8 AM, every 15 minutes, a new contribution for the special Maurice Sendak birthday postings!


RAWLS said...

Looks great man!!

Anonymous said...

Just found your 'terrible yellow eyes' blog on's wonderful!

Jamie :)

Loni Edwards said...

What a beautiful illo! Loved the blog too Cory!

Jushtin Lee said...

Hey! My name is Jushtin Lee. I stumbled across your both of your bloggs and i just wanted to take some time out to say that I really like the stuff that your doing--theres nothing more appealing than a good old fashion illustration. keep it coming, man!