Thursday, June 11, 2009

TYE mentions.

A few very cool Terrible Yellow Eyes mentions yesterday!

Irene Gallo had these terribly kind words for the project :

They are not just "re-draws" of the book. They are true, lovingly conceived and executed continuations of the conversation."

Thank you Irene.

* * *

And over on the official Where the Wild Things Are, Spike Jonze film adaptation blog, We Love You So, we scored another mention :

"We’ve gotten about 1,000 emails about this site since we started this adventure so it seems only fitting to post it on Maurice’s Birthday. Terrible Yellow Eyes, paintings upon paintings upon sketches, upon drawings all like the one above inspired by Wild Things."

* * *

Another by my esteemed friend and fellow gardener, Jamin. His blog chronicles all sort of things I'm afraid of. Actually just the rambles. Everything else is great.


Bob Flynn said...

The crew at FableVision noticed it was on BuzzFeed today, too! Which is a great mention—lots of traffic for sure.

RAWLS said...

Hooray for great exposure! Keep it goin my friend!!! I'll make sure to do a posting for it on!

Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves said...

I just found your blog via we heart books... and i have to say YEA! all around. all of it is really great stuff, the thoughts, the art, the yellow eyes. what a talent. are you really from sc? i am originally from pawleys island.... i was wondering too how often you have original work in your etsy store

keep up the great work!